New Mexico Forensics Club

Welcome to the New Mexico Forensics Club, an academic speech and debate organization geared toward the homeschool Christian community, but open to participants from any educational setting or faith background.


This year we’ll be meeting every other Friday from 9–11 AM. The fall semester will run from September 9th through December 16th, and the spring semester will run from January 6th through May 26th. You can always view the latest scheduling information in our calendar below.

In the fall, students will be preparing informative speeches, and in the spring they’ll be working on persuasive ones. The length of speech and whether or not students will be speaking with the help of notecards will depends on their age and ability. Students are encouraged to select a topic before our first meeting, otherwise a topic will be assigned to them.

Our meetings will consist of:

  • ~45 minutes of worldview analysis or apologetics training.
  • ~45 minutes of instructional content.
  • ~30 minutes of presentation practice.

Our instructional focus for the fall will be how to conduct research.